Sunday, November 1, 2009

Molly's 1st Halloween

We searched forever for a costume for Molly and as you can see from the blog below, the skunk one we borrowed from Wyatt didn't go over so well. So we looked again and bought this Leopard one on sale minus the fur. I added that myself...thank goodness for glue guns!

Different faces

Tired face. (above) Curious face. (below)

Adorable face.

Sad face.

Pumpkin Patch.

We took Molly to the pumpkin patch but on the way out there she fell asleep. So when we got there she was very out of it.

She did have fun playing in the pumpkins and we got her a little one.

So awake, can't you tell. lol

Walks with Erin and Lucy.

Just a cute little girl. She loves her walks.

Lucy loves the swings.

Molly isn't big enough yet but we made it work.

They love to feed the ducks. They got really close to the girls.

Two little buddies ready to go. Got their cherrios and water.

Our little girl is growing up fast.

She fell asleep holding her bear. So cute.

Molly and Morgan playing around the house like usual.
Morgan built a baby gate to save money. It only cost 4 bucks. Just tall enough for Molly to pop her little head over to see what mommy and daddy are doing.

Molly is standing on her own now and will probably walk in the next month. She lets go and stand for a good ten seconds or more and then plop, right on her little bum. She is doing so good.