Sunday, August 30, 2009

more random pics of our precious girl...can't get enough!

she is so silly in the mirror...she laughs...and gives herself kisses

falling asleep in the swing with her favorite pink bear...can't sleep without him

so sweet...sleeping with her arms crossed.

she thinks it's so funny when I spray water in the air over her head...this is just a little bit of how much she gets a kick out of it...and the picture below this is me spraying water too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We finally have a video up.

Molly and I had fun one day when she woke up from a nap. I dont know why but she loves to be scared. She thinks it is funny.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 30th Birthday

My Birthday was on Aug. 17th. Morgan woke up really early and left while I was still asleep which i thought was strange. When he came back he had me walk outside onto our balcony and he setup all these plants and flowers. I have been wanting them for a long time. Every time I see someone elses patio with cute flowers I mention how I want them on ours. I lovelovelove flowers so much!

I have had one hanging hibuscus plant for a while now and Morgan said he thought it was kinda funny how I loved it so much. I always look forward to going outside and watering it with my big plastic cup of he got me a watering can too!
I love these Orange ones!!!

Then we went out with Jen and Aj. We went to Shogun and had sushi! Yum-O! And we hit up some other places too :)

Our Reception

We had our Wedding reception on Sat. We got married in December but couldn't have a reception because I was on bed rest. So we waited til summer to have a fun and casual Hawaiian theme reception. We had a great time! I tried to narrow down some pics (which was nealy impossible) from the bazillion pictures that Aunt Kathy took. Thanks Kathy :)

The Newest Wells Family

Gpa Peterson and Molly

Holli, Gma Peterson, Tyler

Gpa and Gma Wells/aka Gpa & Gma Grape

My Mommy/aka: Nana
& Molly

My Papa

Morgan and Kenzie

Cassandra, Aunt Kathy, Kenzie
My good friends Erin & Arturo

My Mom and Dad
Jeannie and Larry

My sis Jeni & Molly

Caroline & Hunter

The Wells Table

Jen and Dani

My Bros: Ryan, Jake, Trevor...and Mom snuck in there

Our First Dance as Husband and Wife
Yep...he dipped me and his pants were barley hangin on....cute Booty Babe! haha

The Daddy's...Jared & Mason and Morgan & Molly

Mason and Molly

My Girls! Claire, me, Amber and Lisa

There were a ton of these pics so I tried to pick a few funny ones....this was sooo fun. Gave everyone a good laugh!

Jen and me

Jake and Ryan...what are they lookin at???

Art and Erin

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Kathy

Jen and AJ Zummo

Erin and me

Caroline and Hunter

Carrie and Randy

Oh my Gosh! This one is soooo funny...hahaha

Morgan's mom and dad...
Ken and Sandi and Molly

Awww...the brothers
Tyson and Morgan

Me :) I think this is one of the only normal faces I took all night.

Yep...and that's my sexy husband

Aunt Kathy kept telling us to look sexy...we don't do that very well.
We do dorky better. LOL

Us and Mom and Dad Wells

My beautiful sis Jeni and my Mom

Us and Mom and Dad Kern

My Handsom Brothers