Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where's my phone???

I'm not one to not post pictures and instead a long story...but this one is a must.

I'm up with Molly this morning and in the blink of an eye she is gone. I hear the toilet...yep, it's Molly with soaking wet arms playing in the toilet. Sooooooooo GROSS!!! So I grab her and take her and change her. Then we play some games, cuddle, and she goes down for a nap.
Morgan goes into the bathroom and starts laughing. First thing I think of is that the toilet is full of something I don't want to know about and our daughter was just playing in it! And yes, it's true...I take a peek and it's my phone :(
And then he tells me I'm supposed to save all mu numbers to my sim card! Which of course I didn't. So I lost every number I've ever had!!! I'm soooo sad. Family, friends, clients...what am I going to do???
So sad :(

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more Molly party pics

Cupcakes by Savannah

Papa and Daisy

Not too sure about everyone singing Happy Birthday...but she loved it!

Birthday Girl!

She got this Baithing suit for her Birthday...we had to do a fashion show!

Nana and Molly

Uncle Ryan

Aunt Autumn and Cousins Hunter and Wyatt

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Molly's First Birthday Party

We had Paul Frank Monkey Decor...Molly loves Monkeys :)
I made this beanie for her to wear for her Birthday Party but she won't keep in on...she hates hats :(
She did leave this hat on tho...go figure! Her first cupcake and first time I have ever given her sugar. Mommy was so happy when she didn't seem to like it at first...

But she loved it...oh well... she was so cute eating it! She kept puckering her lips

After the party we took down all the balloons Daddy had put up and let her play in them
She had so much fun. Daddy and Grandpa Larry kept piling the balloons on her

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Love Our Little Girl

Molly always gets into the diaper drawer, pulls out all the diapers and then shakes the baby powder all over the floor.

She loves playing in front of the mirror and talking to herself. She is her own little friend she can talk to anytime. lol. And then she gets into mommy's yarn. She did not like being tangled up in it all. But she has such a cute little sad face. We love her to death.

Molly and Bella were playing with Buddy through the window and they were laughing so cute. Molly really gets a kick out of it when dogs go crazy.