Sunday, May 2, 2010


We tried to get her to sit on the blanket outside for her Easter pics but she just wouldn't sit still. She wanted to run, run, run, and that's what we let her do for her pics :)

see the chicken! Her name is Angel...thought it would be cute for pics but Molly didn't even care she was there.

And then one of the cats brought in a baby Bunny. He was so scared but we thought it was perfect for Easter pics. But once again Molly didn't even we couldn't really get pics with her and the animals.

playing in the garden

Going to dig in her Easter dress...soooo a product of her Mommy and Daddy!

Swimming in the pool with Savannah...right before the Earthquake!!!

Leo Carillo

Molly ran for the water every chance she got

Backwards Piggyback ride with Daddy

Molly the Terminator Baby

Nap time on the beach...she did sooo good.

Lunch time!

I love him :)

The water was colder than you could ever imagine...totally numbing! But Molly loved it!!!

Family picture at the campsite