Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Molly's Birthday Party Invite to Everyone!

All family and friends are invited! But I don't have all of your e-mail addresses :( If you would like an invite plz send us your email address so I can send you one via e-mail and you can RSVP and see details!
Hope to see you!
Morgan, Dani & Molly

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bath Time.

She loves playing in the tub. And she has her cool hair.

She always tries to stand up and walk around. She will chew on anything she can grab. I love her hair, its so funny.

And after we have our little Molly burrito.


Molly loved Wyatt's Christmas present. They were both so cute on it.

Holli and Tyler, what a cute couple.

The beanie family. Dani made mine and hers.

Toys from grandma and grandpa, but she didn't know she had to push it. She just carried it everywhere. lol

Hunter with his hot wheels.
Wyatt decided to take a ride on the tractor on the table. He was so cute.

The little ones playing with each others toys.

The mommies and their babies.

Molly loved her Elmo. She wouldn't let it go.

Some of the first toys she ran to. Dani brought her out of her room holding her hand, she let go of Dani and started running for the toys. We didn't wrap any of them so she got excited when she saw them. It was really cute for her first Christmas.